Knight This article is about a playable character class. For the recruitable troop, see Troops#Knight.

Knights are physical attackers, and tend to have more physical defense than magical defense. They excel at enduring enemy attack, and have several ways to make enemy attacks less effective. Knights rely primarily on Physical Defense and HP.

Starting stats:

  • 5 Strength
  • 1 Armor
  • 1 Intellect
  • 5 Endurance
  • 100 Charisma

Stats gained on levelup:

  • +2 Strength
  • +1 Armor
  • +2 Endurance
  • +10 Charisma


  • Wrath - Low damage, single target, random front row enemy
  • Shock - Very low damage, single target, player first, random enemy, chance to stun for 1 turn and reduce targets rage if target is a player character.
  • Earthquake - Medium damage, single target, enemy with lowest remaining HP
  • Rupture - Medium damage, single target, random front row enemy, bleed effect that stacks up to 5x
  • Whirlwind - Low damage, multi-target, all enemies.
  • Burning strike - High damage, single target, random front row enemy
  • Thunder strike - High damage, single target, random front row enemy
  • Shell - Self target shield to absorb X% HP damage
  • Ignore - Self target buff that reflects a set # of damage at attackers.
  • Divine Barrier - Reduce incoming damage to whole party by X% for several turns.
  • Fury (Passive) - Increase Rage generation after each action by 5 each level max of Lv.2
  • God Power (Passive) - Increase Players PATK by 5% per level max of Lv.3
  • Enshield (Passive) - Increases PDEF, HP and recieved healing by 10% per level max of Lv.2
  • Boost (Passive) - 50-100% Chance (Depends on level) to restore HP on succesful block; max of 3000 HP or 4% hp, whichever is the lesser amount.
  • Iron Body (Passive) - Recieved damage reduce by X% and Chance to suffer critical strikes reduce by X%

Talents (All Passive)Edit

  • Stun - Stuns enemy with lower leveled stun for up to 3 turns depend on level difference of skill
  • Enhancer - Increases the damage inflicted by Wrath +X%
  • Enforcer - Increases damage dealt by Thunder strike +X% and reduces cooldown timer.
  • Recover - Certain chance Shock will recover X% of max HP
  • Ironbody - reduce recieved damage by X%
  • Booster - Increases Whirlwind damage by X% and reduces cooldown timer by X Seconds
  • Reflector - Chance to reflect X% amount of damage blocked back at attacker. (Stacks with Ignore and Illusion)
  • Aftershock - Increases Earthquakes rage consumption by X but increases damage delt by X%
  • Rager - Reduces Rage consumption by Rupture by X